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All Island Security celebrates 25 Years in Business on Long Island

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Established in 1989, All Island Security Inc. has become Long Island’s premier alarm company among all of the Long Island alarm companies for custom installation and servicing of security systems. With thousands of satisfied customers on Long Island and Queens, we take pride in making customer service our top priority. Our factory trained technicians strive to assure that the quality of the security system installation will exceed your expectations.

Our 24 Hour Monitoring Center is approved by Underwriters Laboratories (UL) and is located in Nassau County on Long Island in New York. It has been custom designed and constructed to meet rigid professional standards enabling us to achieve the highest recognition in our industry – a 5 Diamond Certification by the Central Station Alarm Association. The facility has its own back up power source and independent communications systems. We have three fully operational computer systems, each with its own UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply). We also have an off-site redundant backup system in Michigan to further protect our customers.

All Island Security Inc., is licensed as an alarm company on Long Island by the New York State Department of State. Our license # is 12000029466. All Island is a member of the Metropolitan Burglar and Fire Alarm Association.

All Island Security Celebrates 25 Successful Years in Business

Did you know that the earliest electro-magnetic alarm systems were patented 160 years ago? This early forerunner of today’s sophisticated alarm systems relied on the closing of an electric circuit to set off a ringing bell that would alert homeowners that a window or door had been opened. Fortunately, when we started this business, there had already been a number of improvements on those early alarm systems. This year, 2014, as All Island Security celebrates 25 years in business on Long Island, we can look back and say that we, and the industry, have come a long way.

When we started All Island Security in 1989, home security systems were already electronic and motion detectors had been added to create a more complete intrusion-detection system. In the years since we’ve been in business, we’ve seen internet connections and smart phones become a standard in home security systems. Today, you can even turn the alarm systems on and off remotely, using your smart phone or tablet, and create PIN numbers for each member of your household so you have a record of who was in the house at any given time.

But all of this high-tech gadgetry would not be as useful if it weren’t for the focus on customer service of companies like All Island Security. You see, rather than attempting to take on the world, we’ve instead focused on our turf—Long Island—and made sure that we provide the best in security for every resident. Our home office is here, our technicians are local, and our monitoring station has not been outsourced—it’s right here in Nassau County on Long Island. We believe that this focus on being the best in our industry, right here at home, is the correct way to provide the most complete home security package that you need.

So while we’re thrilled to be celebrating 25 years in business, we are also looking ahead to the new frontiers in home security. There’s talk about using facial recognition software and other intriguing concepts out there, and we’re listening to it all. When you trust your home to All Island Security, you can expect that we will be around for another 25 years, and more, bringing the latest technology to the vital task of keeping your home and family safe.


2015: All Island Security Voted Best Alarm Company on Long Island


Sound the alarm and let it be known, All Island Security has been voted best alarm company on Long Island! This is the 10th anniversary of the Bethpage Best of Long Island program run by the Long Island Press and sponsored by the BethAll Island Security Voted Best Alarm Company on Long Islandpage Federal Credit Union. The Bethpage Best of LI contest is a road map to the best, top-notch businesses and services throughout both Nassau and Suffolk counties, as chosen by you, the residents and patrons who rely on them, every single day. This year there was a whopping 2 million votes cast in the event.

We are honored to have been voted as the best alarm company on Long Island by the residents we serve and protect!

At All Island Security our clients safety and peace of mind is our number one priority. We care deeply for this community we protect, and strive diligently to uphold our duty to protect and serve the residents of Long Island. We realize you have many choices for alarm companies and are honored that you have placed your trust in All Island Security and hope you continue to allow us to serve you for years to come.

Entrusting us with your most precious possessions, All Island Security is sure to provide top-notch alarm and security services, so that you can have peace of mind when at home or away. Know that we value the safety of your family, your home, and your possessions as if they were our own.

We specialize in home security and provide a full spectrum of home security services including a variety of alarm systems, security systems, and remote video monitoring designed to provide our clients with the best system to meet their individual security and alarm needs. Monitoring services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We never take a break from making sure your home is protected.


2016: All Island Security Wins Best Alarm Company in Long Island… Again!

Every business likes to say that they are “the best” or “number 1” in their industry, but very few of them can back it up. For All Island Security in Long Island, it’s a fact. After all, they won Bethpage Federal Credit Union’s “Best Alarm Company in Long Island” — Again.

What is this contest? Every year, Bethpage Federal Credit Union holdsAll Island Security WIns Best Alarm Company in Long Island a “Best of Long Island” competition to see which local businesses are the most well-loved and respected by Long Islander’s. The winner is determined by number of votes and popularity among clients, allowing the contest to show who has the most satisfied customers. There is no second or third place — only number one. As such, it is clear that the winners of each category stand head and shoulders above the rest.

This year was particularly intense, with over fifty thousand businesses nominated and over two million votes cast. The competition was tough, but we are proud to announce that All Island Security wins best alarm company in Long Island for the second year in a row.

Winning both the 2015 and 2016 competition for Best Alarm Company in Long Island is a testament to All Island Security’s commitment to providing customers with high-quality services. Bethpage wrote,

“…if you get [a home alarm system] from the Best Alarm Company in Long Island, we can assure you that you’ll get the best protection for your home and family at the best price around.”

This competition was won thanks to the many satisfied customers who turned out to nominate All Island Security and voted the local business into first place.




2017: All Island Security Voted Best Alarm Company on Long Island 3 Years in a Row!

Protecting your home is an important responsibility. You can never be toBest Alarm Company on Long Islando safe in this world, especially when it comes to making sure your home is secure against burglars or home invaders.

But with so many alarm companies to choose from, finding the right one can be a daunting task.

For three years in a row, Long Islanders have voted All Island Security the absolute best, not only for their wide range of alarm and security systems, monitoring, and video security cameras, but for their devotion to the communities they serve, and for helping Long Islanders sleep just a little bit better at night knowing All Island is on the watch.


All Island Security Interviewed by News12 Long Island

Nassau PD forms team to tackle home-burglary spike


CARLE PLACE – Home burglaries in Nassau County are up 28 percent over last year, and the police department says it created a new team to fight back.

So far this year, there have been 172 residential break-ins in Nassau, compared to 134 during the same time last year. In response, the Nassau Police Department created a new team to focus solely on home burglaries, dubbed the Burglary Pattern Team.

“They’re working with other units in the police department, people retrieving evidence, seeing if there’s comparisons that can be made. And they’ve been successful so far,” said Detective Lt. Kevin Smith, Nassau’s chief of detectives.

Police are urging residents to take precautions beyond just locking windows and doors. They say to always make it appear that someone is home. After garbage is picked up in the morning, bring the pails in right away so they’re not sitting out all day. And police advise to not grow large bushes and shrubs in front of windows because it gives burglars a place to hide.

Duane Pascale, owner of All Island Security in Mineola, has been in the home security business for 27 years. He says there is definitely a heightened concern about safety among homeowners today.

“Usually we ask, ‘Are you more concerned when you’re home or when you’re not home?’ Now it’s more when people are home,” Pascale said. “It used to be that people wanted to protect their home when they’re out for the day.”

According to Nassau police, overall crime is down about 1 percent so far this year compared to last year, despite the rise in home burglaries.

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